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    Header image

    Toco Warranty, one of the newer sponsors to the Tony Stewart Racing and Stewart-Haas Racing liveries is giving away an awesome VIP opportunity to one lucky fan!

    What you win:

    One lucky winner and their guest will attend the season finales of both the World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series and the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series.

    The winner will be hosted by Tony Stewart Racing (TSR) for the World of Outlaws World Finals Nov. 8-9 at The Dirt Track near Charlotte, North Carolina, before jetting off to South Florida to see the NASCAR season finale Nov. 16-17 in Homestead with Stewart-Haas Racing (SHR). Toco Warranty will provide VIP access that includes round-trip airfare, hotel accommodations, a rental car and event tickets. Tony Stewart, the owner of TSR and the co-owner of SHR, will be at both events, where the winner will see the three-time NASCAR Cup Series champion in action as an owner, facilitating meet-and-greets with 10-time and reigning World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series champion Donny Schatz at Charlotte and 10-time NASCAR Cup Series race winner Clint Bowyer in Homestead.

    How you enter:

    It’s easy! Just visit TocoWarranty.com and click on the banner (It looks like the picture above) with Tony Stewart on it. Fill out the form and you’re entered. You get more entries for sharing it as well as signing up for a Toco Warranty plan.

    A winner will be drawn by 5 p.m. ET on Sept. 16, 2019.


    (photo source: Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

    The Food City 500 at Bristol has come and gone.? There were lots of lead changes at Bristol, and the passing looked decent.? The coverage again seemed to lack excitement during the national broadcast, but maybe that is just me.? Kyle Busch won the race at Bristol, having won at Bristol eight times now to brother Kurt’s six wins.

    Best quote of the?post-race comes from Kurt Busch who came in second to his brother Kurt.? He told Jamie Little after the race: I was going to wreck my little brother to win today. Very reminiscent of when Tony Stewart claimed he would wreck his mother to win the 2011?championship. He did win and luckily for everyone he didn’t have to wreck his mom Pam to do it either.

    ?Sadly the Stewart-Haas cars didn’t have a great showing. Kevin Harvick started the race with penalties, failing pre-race qualifying and having to start from the rear, then after the green flag waved he had to pit under green and then he was four laps down. While the beginning of the race wasn’t the best for Harvick, he was at least able to finish the race on the lead lap. Teammate Aric Almirola ended up out of the race early as well thanks for trying to fix a car on pit road and dumping a jack stand on the track. Bowyer was up front for a good part of the end of the race, but incidental contact with Joey Logano took away his chance at winning the race.? ADaniel Suarez had a speeding penalty but ended up 8th and in the top ten.

    While watching the race, I checked in on my social media.? Someone in a Facebook group stated that the stands were so empty at Bristol. Someone else commented and said: Are you in the stands? If not, then you are part of the problem. I profoundly disagree with that statement. First off no one fan can go to all the races- unless they are wealthy and retired.? There are a considerable variety of reasons while someone couldn’t go to a race. Health issues, work, and the big one for most fans- financial.? Would I like to go to Bristol? Heck yeah.? ?I live in California. I would have to fly in and purchase tickets and then get a hotel.? Hotels in close vicinity of any NASCAR race seem to magically jack up their prices.? Several people responded on that thread and others that I follow that the hotels in this area are around $300 or more a night during race weekend. Usually, they run about 100 dollars a night.? Three nights and you’d have $900 for lodging alone.? ?That doesn’t account for food, tickets to the race, transportation, and other incidentals.? This is the same thing about Sonoma. Sonoma is just far enough North from me that it would require a hotel. But the hotels in Napa and Sonoma are outrageously expensive. Most of them are in wine country. We use to get a reasonably nice hotel in Benecia (a Best Western) for a reasonable rate.

    The hotel grew wise and jacked up their rates for NASCAR race weekend. Hotels in Petaluma, Santa Rosa and the myriad of other nearby cities are just as bad.? Sonoma depending on where you stay you also have to factor in tolls. There is also food. Even if you luck into a hotel with free breakfast, racegoers would have to find something to eat before the race, then find something to eat during the race. Race food is super expensive. I spent $7.00 in Vegas on two tacos.? Waters? $3.50 each. Margarita more your speed? $14.00. Granted I am one person. I could afford that. But what if you are a family of five?

    I doubt NASCAR can do anything to offset the cost of the hotels.? But they could make their tickets less pricey. Make food and beverages less pricey. The beverages are less pricy.

    (Photo source: Jared C. Tilton/Getty Image)

    I usually like watching the races at Martinsville. This race, however, didn’t do it for me. It didn’t seem to have any real action to me. Sure there was passing here and there. Maybe it was the television coverage, or perhaps it was because the race was the Brad Keselowski show since he led the entire except for the first five laps and that spell of laps that Chase Elliot was the leader. Brad and the Penske Fords seem healthy so far this year.

    Clint Bowyer managing to finish in the top ten even though he had not one but two pit road speeding penalties was a solid day- think how relevant he could have been if he didn’t have to come back from the penalties twice during the race. I am sure he would have been a solid contender. And I was pleased that all four SHR cars made it into the top ten by the end of the race. But top ten finishes do not get you in the Chase, wins do.

    Let’s see what happens on Texas next week, but I think I am not much of a fan of this package.

    (Photo source: Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images)

    Race winner for the Auto Club 400 is Kyle Busch, getting his 200th win in all series. I’m glad that he got it over with because frankly I am tired of hearing about it and I honestly think Kyle was tired of hearing about it. I don’t understand why they take this magical 200 wins in all series number and put all this emphasis on it. It would be like taking Tony Stewart and tabulating all of his dirt car?wins into his cup wins and putting that number out there. And don’t even get me started about comparing him to Richard Petty. Richard Petty and Kyle Busch aren’t contemporaries. How many you raced in a season and what you raced are different. It would be like comparing my SAT scores to the SAT scores of someone of the same age taking them today. The test has dramatically changed since I took the SATs so it wouldn’t be a fair comparison, just like NASCAR’s premier?series has changed over the years. (more…)

    Tony Stewart at last night’s Motorsports Hall Of Fame Induction (photo source: Tony Stewart Facebook page)

    I have been waiting for this year’s list of nominees for the NASCAR HALL OF FAME (NHOF) with bated breath this year,?hoping that Tony Stewart would be on the list. I am pleased to report that on the heels of his induction into the Motorsports Hall Of Fame of America last night; Tony Stewart has been announced as one of twenty possible nominees?for the 2020 class of inductees for the NHOF today.

    The other nominees are: (more…)

    Kyle Busch takes the checkered flag at ISM Speedway in Phoenix (Photo source: Daniel Shirey/Getty Images)

    Kyle Busch may not have gotten the sweep he was hoping for at his home track in Las Vegas, but he put on a clinic in Phoenix. I miss going to the Phoenix race- I love it, but it is just too much vacation time for me to take enough to get through the Vegas race and the Phoenix race since they moved to a “west coast swing” schedule several years ago.? I love the Phoenix area, and even when I am not at the track, I end up having fun in Scottsdale.

    Ryan Blaney captured the pole with Chase Elliott hot on his heels and completing the second row.

    However, Kyle Busch stole the show at ISM speedway, leading a good chunk of the race in the middle, and then again at the end when it counted most.

    One thing about this configuration of ISM is the weird?way the drivers cut corners through what use to be the infield. I will be honest; I don’t like it as much as I did the previous configuration of the one-mile track.

    I was impressed to see Jimmie Johnson in the top ten- a solid run for a team that seems to have been struggling so far this year.? It is a new crew chief for Johnson so I wonder if part of that isn’t the issue. The team is still learning to gel together.? I hope for him that the team gets a win soon. Of course, I love the Ally bank paint scheme- mostly because purple is my favorite color and I think there needs to be more purple cars. Ha!

    Also impressive was Clint Bowyer’s run. He was solidly in the top 5 most of the race.

    What I find ironic is that the two drivers who scuffled during qualifying, Daniel Suarez and Michael McDowell, both did kind of poorly during the race itself. It almost made the scuffle inconsequential.

    Next week we are off to Fontana.

    Race Winner Joey Logano in Victory Lane at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. (Photo Source: Sarah Crabill/Getty Images)

    Vegas is a sentimental track for me- because it is the first track where I saw a NASCAR race in person.? It scrolled through my?history here on BadGroove and found the very first Racecation report I made- I had so much to say I had broken it up into three parts: My First NASCAR Race Part 1, Part 2: Qualifying Day,?and Part 3: Race Day.? I don’t believe I have missed a Vegas race since then. My first NASCAR race was not the beginning of my love of NASCAR; I had loved racing (NASCAR, IndyCar, and NHRA) since I was about six or seven. (more…)

    (Photo Source: Brian Lawdermilk/Getty Images)

    It seems like yesterday that I was cruising through January impatiently counting down the days until Daytona and now we are already done with the second race of the season. The Folds of Honor 500 at Atlanta Motor Speedway showcased good side-by-side racing and some pit strategy. This new “aero package” that they are using seems to keep the cars sporty around with each other. (more…)

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